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Quality and Timely Deliver

In our day by day lives, we gab about ‘quality’ of nearly everything – be it a gadget, apparatus, raw material, dress, food, and so on. Each individual appears to have his own concept of quality. It is hard to concede to a solitary meaning of quality, yet we can characterize various measurements or boundaries against which the quality of something is estimated. These measurements reliability quality, ease of use, usability, esteem for cash, and fit for reason.

Design, Development, and Testing

  • Our Team has a profound comprehension of the specialisms and a demonstrated reputation in overhauling the customer’s needs on a worldwide impression, Quality is the foundation or our brand and we are continually centered around progress.
  • We are talented people working individually now together form as a team 3 Website designers, 3 Software engineers, and 3 Testing engineers.
  • Pro QA and Software Testing Company helping associations all-inclusive to deliver top-notch Software Applications.


We support 6 months after we deliver the project to you.

Payment terms

  • 40% deposit on signing on the contract.
  • 40% on the launch of the beta.
  • 20% on the deployment of the final site


We can go on an hourly basis.

Triple D Technology norms, we will generate an invoice for every fortnight.


As per Triple D Technology,

  • Before we start the project we should assure that our communication gets enough to satisfy your thoughts/business.
  • The Document (Content, Images, and all other docs) needs to be delivered to us before the project.
  • New suggestions and thoughts are always welcome. But if the thought/suggestion impacts our previous discussion maybe our estimation will be affected.
  • After we complete and test the project we will deliver to you and we give you support for 6 months.
  • If you wish to maintain your site, we are happy to do it for you.
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